StripHair Grooming Tool

In October 2013 I received a call at the studio from Sarah Owen's ranch hand in Santa Ynez, inquiring if I'd be interested in photographing Sarah as a 1950's pinup for a horse grooming product they were developing. They were familiar with my pinup photography and thought I'd be a good fit for the assignment. After some strategic planning we came up with a concept, and on the day of the shoot, "Betty" was born and has become the persona of the company ever since. It's my pleasure to report the product was received phenomenally well. Happy to have been involved it's success.

StripHair is a horse grooming tool that safely and easily sheds a winter coat, and cleans the skin and coat during all seasons. It also removes ground in hair, dirt and dried sweat from all types of saddle pads, blankets, horse boots, and cinches.
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