Self-portrait on my cabin porch in the Los Padres Forest, California.
I was born and raised on Long Island, just outside of NewYork City. My interest in photography started while still in High School. Upon graduating Valley Stream Central in 1968, I traveled west to attend college at San Diego State in California, where I studied Art and Civilization.
In 1972 at the age of 22, I joined an alternative community, located in the mountains above Santa Barbara, that practiced sustainable living and embraced the ideologies of Eastern religion. It was there that I taught myself photography and became the communities official photographer, documenting our day to day lives and producing a multimedia slide show that we presented at various Universities, World Symposiums and New Age Expos.
In 1979 I left the community to pursue a career as a professional photographer.  Returning to New York I worked as a photographer's assistant to Robert Farber as well as other well known photographers in the industry, gaining much experience in lighting setups, directing models, and interacting with clients and art directors.
Eventually I moved back to California where I opened my own studio in downtown Santa Barbara—shooting fashion and quickly becoming known in that genre. My photographs appeared weekly as full page advertisements for clothing stores around the city and soon I had built a good name for myself. Eventually my career expanded to include national and international clients.
 Today my photographs can be seen in newspaper and magazine advertisements, editorials, documentaries, fashion catalogs, annual reports, billboards, websites, movies and television commercials, world-wide.
The success of my commercial work has afforded me the freedom to explore personal projects and passions. At this stage of my career I don't appear to be slowing down. If anything, I'm as inspired as I've ever been and hope that I can continue to build on my past achievements.

To view my landscape photography, you can follow me on Instagram:  www.instagram.com/mehoshphotography